Yamaha yz 250 1999 2T

Yamaha yz 250 1999 2T
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Yamaha Yz 250 1999 2T an excellent bike, that can be considered the most powerful cross bike produced by yamaha. All the parts were regenerated, you should only make the carburation, set the bearing of the well, set the tires and the structures and you could buy the support of the wells to make this bike like new, the fork was regenerated and regulated, all the component are renovated and all the products are in perfect condition, the frame was update to 2001, the engine was renovated, the piston was new and all the other plastic parts are new, you should buy only the adhesive to give them the cover that you prefer. For the cost of transport you should choice the best way to do it, if you need I could set it for you but you should considered that the weight is near 97,00 kg for this reason if you want obtain a good price you should search someone who can pick up it, if you need I could send it with an international shipment, if you need some information for the shipment send me the details that you need. For more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_YZ250
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