Minibike polini 50 cc.

Minibike polini 50 cc.
Ending in: 65 days 5 hours 6 minutes 10 seconds
900,00 € EUR
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The biggest and most excellent minibike of polini, very nice and funny. The minibike is like new, the engine was new (50 c.c. 2T) and all the parts are perfect and like new, you should only make the carburation, set the bearing of the well, set the principal structure, the tire with a dynamometric system. For the cost of transport you should choice the best way to do it if you need I could set it for you but you should considered that the weight was from 20,00 kg to 40,00 kg if you need I could send it with an international shipment, if you need some information for the shipment send me the details that you need. For more information:
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