Go kart birel cr 32 / crg road rebel 125 with engine tm kw 95

Go kart birel cr 32 / crg road rebel 125 with engine tm kw 95
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Go kart birel cr 32 / crg road rebel 125 with engine tm kw 95 that can be considered an excellent powerful engine for competition, the engine is perfect engine and it was used for a little period of time after the renew, it’s very powerful, the frame part was the base of crg road rebel that was update to the next road rebel model, in the price is included another complete frame parts of birel, it’s new and perfect the only things that you need to do is to buy the new plastics and take the other components for the competition that you want, but it can be used with this components. it can’t be used for the race because is passed the time necessary for the race use, it is very funny and you should consider it very similar to the products that are used for the race. In the price are included another birel frame part for every problem that you can have with the completed birel frame. In the price are included a completed frame part crg, a completed frame part birel and another birel frame part alone and engine of tm (the model is kv 95 125 c.c.), all the component are used but like new, you could give only the necessary update of some of this parts, all the part was regenerated, you should only make the carburation, set the bearing of the well, the tire, the structure; the piston is like new, all other plastic parts are like new, you should buy only the adhesive to give them the cover that you prefer. For the cost of transport you should choice the best way to do it if you need I could set it for you but you should considered that the weight is near 45,00 kg + 45,00 kg + 10,00 kg + 20,00 kg for this reason if you want obtain a good price you should search someone who can pick up it, if you need I could send it with an international shipment, if you need some information for the shipment send me the details that you need.For more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birel
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